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The Professional Work Center

The professional work center is a place where our individuals served come to work during the day. These individuals work on contracted work through MBL or do janitorial services. Most of our individuals have been working on these jobs for many years and, to us, they are true professionals.
Aside from the name change from Vocational Training Center, to Professional Work Center that occurred on September 26,2022; the biggest change we have made over the years is moving away from the standard sheltered workshop where individuals were being paid piece rate wages under the 14c law through Department of Labor, and moving to paying them an hourly wage, which they so deserve.


We have consistently seen individuals grow in their confidence and abilities with a variety of job duties in the program. With supervision, oversight, and someone to cheer on their successes, this program has seen individuals consistently grow in their confidence and skills thanks to the Friendship House Professional Work Center.

  • Learn multiple skills from various jobs
  • Learn confidence in abilities
  • Learn to work with a team
  • Learn to take direction and correction
  • Take pride in accomplishing tasks
  • Pride in contributing and earning a paycheck
  • Keeping active and engaged daily

If you are a production company and are looking to partner with us, contact Lisa Fuchs at or call her at 815-434-0737 extension 1260.

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