Community 360 Program (Community Access Group)

This community access based non work group offers the opportunity for people who have disabilities to participate in community activities in settings where most people do not have disabilities. These activities include but are not limited to: general community participation, using community recreation and leisure resources and volunteering. It is important that people with disabilities are be able to work and play in the community other than only spend their time in special classes and programs. Friendship House believes that true community inclusion occurs when everyone, regardless of capability, participates side-by-side. People with disabilities have the right to inclusive education, living, employment, and leisure opportunities. It is also important for people with disabilities to play a large role in helping to design and facilitate their own care, opportunities and support. Our 360 program is a very successful program that has shown a great deal of skill acquisition of the people we serve.

  • Skill building
  • Confidence building
  • Understanding community
  • Reaching beyond the community
  • Exploration
  • Enrichment of the arts
  • Understanding of safety in the community
  • Building on money management
  • Meeting a variety of people in a variety of environment
  • Preparation for more independence

To learn more about this program please contact Joy Hutchinson, Director of Developmental Training, at 815-434-0737 extension 16 or email her at

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