Join Us in the Tap Room!

We are excited to share this event!
Tangled Roots Brewing Company and Ottawa Friendship House have created a partnership that will last a lifetime.
When Tangled Roots Brewing Company first came to Ottawa IL, they approached us to make crates that they could sell
with the proceeds going directly to our non-profit agency.
Little did we know that our relationship would only grow from there.
Like the seeds this company planted to grow their hops and food,
they also planted a seed by supporting us and helping us continue to grow and flourish.
Not only do the people we serve continue to create crates for Tangled Roots,
but Tangled Roots also recently employed four of our individuals at their restaurant, The Lone Buffalo,
through our Community Employment program.
We are extremely excited to continue to grow our relationship with them,
but also to celebrate this wonderful partnership we have created.
See you on April 28th!
The appetizers are free, the music is great,
and we will have art displayed from the wonderful individuals we are privileged to serve.


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